Halloween Gifts For Kids

Halloween Gifts For Kids

Are you throwing a Halloween party and/or looking for some “spooky” Halloween gifts for kids? Check out this ultimate list for some great ideas. Our daughter is old enough to be excited for Halloween so making this holiday season extra special is on my mind. How do I make this holiday extra special for her? … Read more

How To Soothe A Baby At Night

how to soothe a baby at night

It’s crazy late, been a long day, you are exhausted, and the baby starts to cry. Sound familiar? The new born stage is both a magical time, and a steep learning curve. This may be an internet search out of desperation and, Im sorry… I’ve been there and know it’s hard. Here are some reasons … Read more

How To Clean Baby Toys

how to clean baby toys

When children play with toys, they tend to get dirty pretty easily. If you don’t want them to become germ-ridden, then you’ll need to take care of their toys regularly. New parents like me are scratching their heads wondering how to clean baby toys. The good thing is that cleaning toys isn’t too complicated. In … Read more

Single Mom Quotes

Being a single mom is not easy. It can be hard to juggle work, parenting, and managing your own life. But these women are strong, and they are an amazing example to their children. Check out these single mom that you can share or be motivated and inspired by. Proud Single Mom Quotes Becoming a … Read more

Single Parent Statistics

We all know someone who is carrying the burden of being a single parent. Did you know that America has the highest percentage of single parent households? Sad to say, there are 10 million households, or 23%, where kids under 18 years old are being raised by one parent. Here are some more single parent … Read more

Single Mom Statistics

Single mom statistics

Single moms are often stereotyped as being lazy or irresponsible, this is far from the truth. In reality, single moms are working harder than ever before to provide for their families. Here are some single mom statistics that might ruin your day. I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any … Read more

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