Halloween Gifts For Kids

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Halloween Gifts For Kids

Halloween Gifts For Kids

Are you throwing a Halloween party and/or looking for some “spooky” Halloween gifts for kids? Check out this ultimate list for some great ideas.

Our daughter is old enough to be excited for Halloween so making this holiday season extra special is on my mind. How do I make this holiday extra special for her? Let’s check out some options.

This blog post is divided into the following sections:

-Halloween Gifts For Kids

-Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

-Halloween Party Favors

-Halloween Gifts Just For Fun

Halloween Gifts For Kids

This is a classic list of gifts for kids (and parents) who love Halloween!

Spooky Costume

Nothing better than getting a brand new “spooky” costume for Halloween. Online is easy if you need a particular character but second hand stores are always a win for more affordable costumes!

Trick Or Treat Bag

Pillow cases are for the 80s! Get your kid a cute, and hopefully one day nostalgic trick or treat bag for their goodies.

Halloween Books

For those who like more minimal/learning gifts snag a halloween book to read at nights. Hopefully not too spooky before bed. Nightmares are no bueno.

Skeleton Pajamas

A personal favorite of mine! Who doesn’t love a classic skeleton! PJs work because you don’t have to commit to them as the costume but still have fun for the season.

Halloween Socks

Monster socks? Yes please! Keep those toe-sies warm as the weather changes!

Pumpkin Carving Set

You might already have one of these, but if not, they do come in handy once a year.

Monster Slippers

I literally just added this to my amazon cart. How fun are these!

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

This section is for those of you brave enough to throw a kids halloween party. Good for you! Everyone will leave full of sugar, halloween games, and fun. Buckle up!

Halloween Games

The list is long for Halloween games, and a lot of them can be pretty cheap to put together. Check this list out and make some memories!

Halloween Decorations

This is actually my favorite, and least favorite part of a party. The energy you get from setting things up, and the exhaustion knowing that after everyone leaves, your work still isn’t done.


A quick activity for those who need something to do with their hands.

Halloween Craft Kit

A great way to fill up time, and a creative way to keep kids busy and using their brains.

Halloween Party Favors

Now that you have the perfect party planned, here are some ideas you can use for those party favor bags.

Halloween Figurines

Little Halloween figurines are a quick and easy toy for little ones to play with.

Vampire Fangs

A classic right?!?!? Make sure to get the kid size. You can also use these for little pumpkins when you’re done.

Halloween Stickers

Kids and stickers are like peanut butter and Jelly.

Bouncy Eyeballs

A spooky way to have fun and stay on the Halloween theme.

Hairy Mustache

The gift that keeps on giving.

Halloween Gifts Just For Fun

This last section is for those parents who, gifting is their love language, and wants something fun for their little ones.

Halloween Coloring Books

A classic and timeless activity for the month of October.

Halloween Nesting Dolls

Who knew? A fun decoration to use for years to come.

Jumbo Wind-Up Spiders

Kids might love or hate this but, it’s a pretty fun idea!

Monster Spray

I have never heard of this before doing these searches. A great idea to keep on hand if there are any monsters in the closet.

Paint By Stickers

This is an upgrade for halloween coloring books. Use stickers to put together a geometric scary picture.


Good luck this Halloween season! I hope this list has helped you gather ideas for the season!

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