Radio Flyer Wagon With Canopy, Honest Review

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Radio Flyer Wagon Review

Radio Flyer Wagon With Canopy, Honest Review

This is a review of our Radio Flyer wagon we recently purchased for our 2.5 year old. Spoiler alert: It’s great! But we had a few trial and errors purchases before finding the right fit for us.

Radio Flyer Stroller Wagon Review

I’m not sure if stroller wagons have exploded over the last year, or because we have a toddler and on the hunt for one. Regardless, we finally pulled the trigger and are really pleased! But it did take some trial and error.

First of all, we knew we wanted to try a wagon, but because this is our first child, we didn’t wanted to spend hundreds of dollars just incase we didn’t like it, or use it much. Second, we have a smaller car, and size did matter in this case. We have a Hyundai Hatchback Elantra so it’s not a compact car, but these wagon strollers can still be big even when compacted!

After doing a bunch of research ourselves and asking around, we decided on the Radio Flyer brand. It has great reviews on Amazon, can fit in the back of our car, and seemed like a good place to start with not spending over $200 for a stroller wagon. We first bought Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding Wagon with canopy from Amazon and ended up returning it.

It’s just over $100, and seemed like a good starting choice. Even though it was nice and fit in our car, we wanted a higher quality wagon with the ability to push, not just pull. Also the canopy was a little funky. It didn’t look nice, and was awkward to put on.

We went on the hunt again and ended up buying the Radio Flyer, Discovery Stroll ‘N Wagon with Canopies. This Stroll’n Wagon is about $50 more than our previous purchase but totally worth it in our opinion. It has higher quality materials, better shade canopies, and a push stroller handle. We love it, and so does our daughter.

Check out these upgrades!

Keep reading to learn why stroller wagons rock, and more details why we prefer the Discovery wagon.

What’s The Big Deal About Stroller Wagons Anyway?

So the biggest difference between a stroller wagon and a regular wagon is the ability to PUSH AND PULL. I highly recommend have the option for both. Each are easily foldable and come in handy with different situations. For example, if you are on the beach, a pull wagon works better, but for a store with tricker navigation a push wagon works best.

This stroller wagon works perfectly for toddlers as it allows them to get in and out freely with side zippers, yet has some seat buckles if you want them to stay put. It also has a bunch more room for everything that this little person needs or enough room for a second passenger.

A few additional benefit we saw from other reviews is that these wagons are big enough for a sleeping toddler, side as a pack and play for a young baby, or a great way to carry a bunch of crap from point A to point B. So yeah, wagons are the way to go!

Why We Liked The Radio Flyer, Discovery Stroll ‘N Wagon Over Other Options

Like we said in the intro, cost and space were our biggest concerns. We didn’t want to spend over $200 on our first wagon because we weren’t sure how much we would use it. Second, we needed it to collapse enough to fit in the back of our hatchback. Both of these objectives were met with the Stroll’n wagon.

We really like the separate canopies that can be easily inserted to the sides or collapsed and put in a side pocket. It has a little flap so you can see what’s going on underneath if you suspect a sleeping child. In addition, I liked that you have the option to leave off one of the canopies because we only have one child for now.

The side zipper works great for our indecisive toddler who can’t decide if she wants in or out. Again, the ability to push and pull were huge for me so it really makes a great fit! We have done a bunch of walks with the wagon around the neighborhood and she loves it. We have used the buckle feature which she didn’t seem to mind.

I will say the base doesn’t have much padding (if I was sitting on it) but for kids, I don’t think they really care.

Radio Flyer Wagon Conclusion

If you are looking for an alternative stroller idea, wagons work great. The Radio Flyer is an affordable brand with plenty of customizable options to fit your families lifestyle. We really enjoyed the upgraded Stroll’n Wagon and think if you are going to spend over $100 on a kids product, it’s worth spending a little more to get exactly what you want.

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