KEDSUM Folding Hand Truck Review for Genius Car Seat Dolly

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KEDSUM Folding Hand Truck Review for Genius Car Seat Dolly

This is a review on our newly purchased carseat dolly we used to travel with this summer called the Kedsum folding hand truck.

Not sure if you have noticed, but traveling is our thing. We take all the tips and tricks out there. We recently stumbled on an instagram account called @sowewent and they suggested getting a car seat dolly to use for your toddlers car seat. One word, Genius!

Unless you have a carseat at your destination, you will need to either use your carseat as a checked bag, check it at the gate, or use on the airplane. Some carseats are approved for plane use which is nice because your child is already so use to sitting in that seat that (in our experience) they stayed put more.

With any of these options, it’s nice to NOT lug this awkward car seat around the airport. Answer: Use a little travel dolly. We recently purchased the KEDSUM Folding Hand Truck from Amazon and it worked surprisingly well! It’s easy to use, comes in a portable bag, small when compacted, two bungees with hooks attached to dolly, and a separate bungee for extra security.

Keep reading to see more pictures and details of why we like and suggest this product for travel.

Dolly Car Seat Review For KEDSUM Folding Hand Truck

This car seat dolly is a durable stainless steel material, has an extendable base platform for larger items, and can hold up to 220 pounds! It compacts down to a 17×11 inch square and only weights 6.2 pounds. It’s perfect for travel! We just condensed it at our seats, then stored it in the overhead bins till it was time to go.

The base extension is only a few inches but did really help with our carseat. The straps took a little while to get use to and should be tested before travel. I over estimated the maneuverability with the wheels (it’s not like luggage) and the carseat fell over on a turn I took to quick. This scared us as parents (and possibly embarrassed me) but our daughter didn’t care one bit. So my advice is, strap it tighter than you think and take the curves slow.

I do feel the price seems high however, it is stainless steel and super versatile so you can use at home when needing to move something heavier.

And for a little toddler bonus, our daughter loved sitting in the car seat while being toted around the airport. It made our travels really easy and we had her car seat with us the whole trip.

Car Seat Dolly Alternatives

Here are a few other dolly car seats we were interested in.

Conclusion for Kedsum Folding Hand Truck Car Seat Dolly

This is the only dolly we have tried but it did the trick and we are really happy with our purchase. The compact-ability is huge for us, easy to collapse, and super versatile. Click on the link below to view on Amazon!

You may even get your kiddo to sleep in the airport for a bit.

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