Step2 Water Table: Is this the best water table out there?

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Step2 Water table

Step2 Water Table: Is this the best water table out there?

There are a ridiculous amount of outdoor water tables for kids. They all look so fun and colorful in the advertisements! Ranging between $50 and $150, these step2 water tables can provide excellent outside entertainment for these kids. This article is for parents debating on the Step2 Rain Water Table.

Short answer: MMM

… I don’t love it… but my daughter does. Let me explain.

What is the Step 2 Outdoor Water Table ?

The Step 2 water table is like a little mini water park right in your back yard. This  activity table lets kids play in the water outside, and off the ground. It has different accessories that move the water in different directions as well as a showering splash feature where kids pour a cup of water in the top and it drizzles out to the lower basin.  I will say, this outdoor water table is super fun for toddlers. My girl and her friends play with it every time they come over. 

Why we chose the Step2 water table?

We basically took Amazons recommendation and bought it. It has over 13K reviews and an 88% for 5 stars! It has to be great right?!?!?

Also, our brother has something similar so we figured we couldn’t go wrong. If you wanna read the reasons I don’t love it, skip to the Cons section. If you want to learn more about the features keep reading!


The base is wide and holds quit a bit of water. There are shallower parts at the ends but the middle scoops down and provides some depth for playing in the water and getting those sleeves wet. The top easily fits in and can be secured. We opted to not screw down and it works fine. The top section has holes water can drip down making a beautiful background noise.

Step2 water table


The Step 2 Water table has multiple accessories that can fit on the side of the upper fixture allowing the water to drop down and spin the water wheel or splash in different directions. There is also some side accessories like a slotted spoon/scoop thing and a launch pad were a frog can jump. A few buckets, a rubber ducky, and you have it all!

Cons that we can see

Ok! So here is why I personally don’t love it.

First of all, the fun water table accessories seemed like so much fun! Until you realize your kid has no intension on keeping any of them in or near the water table. I think we have the green punctured spoon and purple bucket near the table. All the others are somewhere in the backyard or absorbed in with other toy spots. To make things worse we got a little fishing set with magnets thinking our toddler would love fishing them out. We just spend every day picking up plastic fish around the yard. Ugh…

Second thing I didn’t love is, the upper deck feature is nice but our daughter is to short to pour a cup of water in. So guess who stands next to the water table and pours water in. Me… I scoop water over and over again so she can play in the dripping water. I wish there was some sort of pump that came with it. I think she would be more intrigued and play with it longer. It does sound soothing when it drips.

Third thing that gets to me is, mold grows if I don’t change out the water every few days.


I wish I could say I love this product and Step2 has the coolest water tables. But honestly, I would get something different outdoor water toy for the price if I could go back. My daughter on the other loves to play in it. Her sleeves are constantly wet because she has her hands in there every chance she gets.

If you buy this, your kids will not complain. But be aware you will have to change out the water frequently and be constantly picking up the accessories that go along with it. When we find a water table I love, I will for sure link it to this post. But for now, if you are interested click on the link below!

Where to buy!

Step2 Water table
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