Does the Summer Potty really help with potty training?

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Does the Summer Potty really help with potty training?

This post is for those parents interested in buying the Summer Potty and if it helps with the potty training process.

Short Answer: We don’t know…

Our Daughter just turned 2 and she does loves the summer potty and will go both #1 and #2 if she recognizes her bodies signals in time. We do still have her full time in diapers through. Keep reading to learn more about the Summer Potty chair.

What is the Summer Potty?

Essentially, it’s a little toilet for kids with a small storage on the top, and makes a flushing sound. It’s a fun realistic size for kids with a few extras that you don’t get with a regular potty chair.

Why we choose the summer potty

About a year ago I heard the term “elimination communication” and was fascinated by it. The bottom line to this theory is to watch your kid for signs that they are going to the bathroom and then physically take them to the bathroom and let them go in the potty.

Well, I just decided to try, and it really wasn’t that hard. #2 is easier to spot as they bare down and get red in the face. #1 is harder to read but not impossible. We stared our infant off with a baby bjorn potty chair which was great for the time being when she first started eating solid foods. But once she started walking and getting more interested in going to the potty, we decided to try out the Summer Potty chair.

She instantly liked it and will go at least once a day on it! . We still have her in diapers full time, and won’t push things until she gets closer to 3 years old. For now it’s something we passively work on everyday. If she runs to one of her “spots” and starts to bare-down, I ask her to go to the bathroom and go potty there. She likes to be alone when she poops which… I can understand. For #1, I simply ask her multiple times a day if she has to go and we can usually make it happen at least once a day.


Obviously it looks like toilet, but in addition to that, it has an interactive handle that makes a flushing noise, a removable potty topper, and a storage compartment. It’s super easy to clean actually looks nice in our bathroom. Winning!


Besides what is described above, it comes with a little hook you can use to hang the potty topper on your adult toilet. So when the littles make the transition to the actual potty, you just use the topper which is conveniently located for quick access.

Summer Potty seat Hook

Cons we can see

There are a few cons we can see. First of all, it doesn’t’ have the widest base so if your kids like to climb, you might have a topple or two.

It’s easy to put together and easy to take apart so we often find the topper on the ground and the bowl underneath strewn about like a burglar was looking for something.

Splash guard is a mystery as we don’t have any little boys that use it. None of our friends that have it complain but that might be a problem.

Other than that, it’s pretty great!


While I wish we could say it makes potty training so much easier… we really don’t know. It’s a fun way to get your kids interested in potty training but it’s no magic bullet. I hope this helps!

Where to buy a Summer Potty Chair

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