The Minimeis Shoulder Carrier – Is It Worth The Cost?

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The Minimeis Shoulder Carrier – Is It Worth The Cost?

You have probably seen those advertisements that show off this new toddler shoulder carrier which looks super cool. But, is it worth all the hype, or all that comfortable?

Short Answer – YES!

This shoulder carrier for hiking is probably the most expensive on the market, but I still suggest it. Let me explain why.

What is the MiniMeis Shoulder Carrier?


The MiniMeis carrier is a shoulder carrier that straps your kids legs to your chest, and has a back for them to lean against. The best thing about it is, your hands are free. Straight from Sweden with the European standard! 

In this article you will hear our experience, and why we like it over other carriers.

Why we decided on the MiniMeis?

It’s the best view from the safest shoulders.

This isn’t our first carrier… We have a Ergobaby 360 and really enjoy it! However, there came a time that our child grew out of it and it became too restricting for her. We bought a hiking backpack that “seemed” like it would work great. It was too bulky, not a good carrier for travel, she didn’t like sitting in it, AND it was squeaky! Our toddler likes the ability to get in and out, and it always took two people to help her get in and out.

We planned a trip to Mardi Gras and knew we needed a different solution. We debated back and forth (mainly because the cost was so high) on some traditional carriers and finally decided to pull the trigger and I am so glad we did!


Blakely instantly fell in love. She felt secure up there AND we had both hands to catch beads with! It was perfect.

Shoulder Carry For The Win!

Kids LOVE the shoulder carry because the hight they get to see everything, and the ease (with the parents help of course) of getting up and down. It’s a plus for the parents too because, it’s somewhat comfortable, and you know where your kid is.

The downside to just “carrying” them on your shoulders is, you loose the ability to use your hands. It might be alright if you could just use one hand to keep them safe, but the “level of wiggle” on these kids is off the chart. So you end up with invisible handcuffs until you hear the magic word “down”.

Well, I am here to tell you that the Minimeis carrier is here to save the day.



First of all, the size is much smaller than the hiking carriers. It collapses in half and comes with a shoulder strap when not in use. So taking it hiking or even to the park doesn’t require much room. It folds to about the size of a laptop.

Second, You can do it by yourself! No more asking your partner or a random stranger for help getting your kid in and out of the carrier. Just lift them up over your shoulders like you normally would, then strap them in.

Lastly, it’s super duper safe. After you secure your chest strap, you place the kid on top of your shoulders like you would if you didn’t have a carrier there. Then you velcro your kids legs with the ankle straps. There is an added level of protection with clip straps so the child can’t undo them. Last, there is a shoulder and waist strap for the child. This is just that next level of protection to keep your child safe while shoulder carrying.

Cons We Can See

The price is high… that was our main debate when deciding to get it or not. They do have a 30 day guarantee if you don’t like it so we figured, we would try and get a refund if our girl didn’t like it. YOu can always be on the look out for promotional codes or use a gift card. 

Obviously, we won’t be returning it. And… that is really all I could see. This is a great product that I would recommend to other parents!


This was such a game changer for us and we are so glad we had it for Mardi Gras. Our little girl loves the view and we feel safe having her up there.

For those parents on the fence, I would say do it. It’s really high quality and you don’t have to deal with the space or lack of comfort other carriers provide.

Where to Buy

Check out their website!

Frequestly asked questions

Can You Wear a Backpack with MiniMeis?

-Yes, they have a Minimeis backpack you can purchase. 

How easy is the MiniMeis to put on with a toddler?

-Very. The leg straps are easy to use. The shoulder and waist strap are a little harder but can be done. 

How easy is it to take your child out?

-super duper easy. Just release all the straps and hoist the up over your head. 

Is the MiniMeis G ergonomically designed?

-Yes, to a certain point. Because the child is sitting on your shoulders, you have to make sure the weight distribution is even. Meaning, if your child is leaning way back or forward, it will get uncomfortable with the straps. In an upright natural position, it feels great. 

Can you do other things while wearing the shoulder carrier?

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