ErgoBaby 360 – Are they really that comfortable?

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ErgoBaby 360 – Are they really that comfortable?

Your baby has put on some weight and you are finally ready to have your arms somewhat free and are looking for a comfortable baby carrier. Are these Ergobaby carriers worth the price for comfort?

Short Answer – YES!

Ergobaby 360

They secure your childs body to your chest with easy and adjustable padded shoulder straps. The Ergobaby 360 is nice because you can turn your child both front and back with the switch of a few buttons. Keep reading for more details of why we chose the Ergobaby 360 baby wrap.

What is an Ergobaby 360 product?

These carriers are for newborn to toddlers age (7-45 pounds), and can be worn as a front carry, back carry, or even as a hip carry as different baby position options. Even more, the baby can face in or out with any placement for your ergonomic position comfort. The carrier probably weights 1 pound which is a premium feature. 

Why we decided on the Ergobaby 360

We have the Boba Wrap and am not crazy about it. We live in Texas and things get HOT so having yards of fabric around you isn’t my favorite thing.

Our child was getting bigger and I wanted something more secure that didn’t seem to need adjusting every 10 minutes. We did some research, talked with a few friends and found an Ergo 360 online. We planned a trip for Glacier national park and needed something easy to pack on an airplane and hiking friendly.

It worked out great! We carried this baby snug on our front and back and our girl never had an issues or arguments about it. It was really easy to take her in and out when she wanted to walk on the easy trails. Then, when we got to some rockier parts, or where a ledge was, we just put her back in.


This cotton baby comfort carrier is pretty ingenious with how versatile it can be. Not only can you wear it multiple ways, and face the baby in and out, but it’s comfortable. 

The shoulder straps have extra padding shoulder straps which are easily adjustable, and

some cool air mesh for when things heat up. They have quick buttons that you adjust for how you want to face the baby in or out and a head cover like a baby hood for when they fall asleep. 

Adjustable head and neck support pillow for the different carry position. Chances are, your little one will fall asleep and baby drool will probably happen. This carrier comes with an adjustable head and neck support so no matter which way they are facing, they won’t be slumped over or have you worried about supporting their head. It even comes with a tuck away hood that you can hide in a built in pouch.

Lumbar support. For those post-pardon mamas out there, you KNOW the back pain you can get from carrying a baby all day long. These little koalas love to be close to us (and let’s face it, we love it to) So having something that can support our backs for us is heavenly.

MACHINE WASHABLE! (sigh of relief) Yes, you can throw this thing in the wash. Kids are messy… and it’s nice not to have to worry about spot cleaning or taking to a laundry mat. You’re welcome.

Cons we can see

The buttons that adjust where the child’s legs go are just sewn on. Granted, they’re sewn on well but I could see that a point of wear and tear taking a toll. This doesn’t mean you couldn’t just sew it back on, but I did notice that might be a problem at some point.

The loading of baby took some time to get the correct position. I needed help strapping the chest strap at the back if the baby was being carried on the front, and getting the baby positioned right if being carried on my back. As time went on, it got easier.

Lastly, this product lasted until about 18 months. By then, she had gained some pounds and wanted the ability to get in and out and we started looking at shoulder carriers.

What’s the difference between the Ergobaby 360 and the Ergobaby Omni 360? From what I can see online, the Omni has more velcro parallel straps and buttons. Both can be used as a newborn carrier. Being minimalists, we thought less was more and haven’t had a problem with it. If you have both drop a comment at the bottom and share your experience!


Frequently asked questions

What age can baby go in Ergo 360?

-There isn’t a month limit, but they advise a weight limit over 7 pounds

What’s the difference between Ergobaby 360 and Omni

– The omni has the same benefits as a position baby carrier, but has more velcro straps and buttons for adjustments to insert the baby. 

How long can you carry a baby in an Ergo

-The weight limit is 47 pounds 

Can you put the Ergo 360 on by yourself

-Yes! it does take practice and time but you can. The backpack straps have extra strap material that can be adjusted easily. 

Does the Ergo 360 have a hood

-Yes which can be tucked away when not in use. When in use provides consistent head for strong head support. 

Is the 360 all-position baby carrier worth it as a child carrier?

– We think so! 

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