Is the Doona Stroller Really Worth It?

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Is the Doona Stroller Really Worth It?

This post is for those parents really wondering if it this expensive stroller is really worth the hype.

Short Answer: YES!

Strollers have come a long way and the Doona is the most convenient, easy to use, stroller on the market. Let me explain.

What Is the Doona Stroller?

The Doona is a stroller/car seat combo that is easily collapsable. It changes with a simple release button. It has an adjustable handle bar for walking, lifting, and even acts as an anti-rebound bar inside the car.

We have had this thing for over 2 years and have yet to go out in public with this thing and not have someone comment on it.

I’m serious! Someone even said “We are looking at these online but this is the first one we have seen out in the wild.” Ya’ll, it’s totally worth it.

In this article you will read more details about the Doona, the pros and cons we see, and where you can buy it as well as a little tip for a discount.

Why we decided on the Doona.

Every parent has had the pain staking task of lugging a car seat around with one arm trying to make it from point A to B. The Doona allows you to always have wheels where ever you go. 

It’s nice when you need to move a sleeping baby to not accidentally wake them up, and to keep them elevated off the ground.  Plus! If your kid falls asleep in a store, you don’t have to transfer them out of the stroller to a car seat and wake them up. Bonus!

We are all about saving money, AND also realized a stroller is something we shouldn’t try to cut corners on. You use it everyday… multiple times! To us, it made sense (as minimals) to have something lightweight, and multifunctional.

Doona Stroller


The Doona has a very simple and intuitive  design. Let’s start with the wheels. They are small and solid. No need to worry about them deflating. They collapse and retract very easily with a release button when you need to move from carseat to stroller in an instant. We have been using ours for 18 months and never had a problem with them.

The handle bar collapses and expands for when you need to arm carry the stroller up a few stairs, or extended when just taking a walk. It also acts as an anti -rebound bar in the car making the highest standard of safety.

The straps are 5 point and adjustable. The fabric can be removed for cleaning and is a quality breathable fabric.


The Doona comes with  head inserts as well as infant pad inserts for when these babies are so tiny to protect their heads.

They do have Diaper bags, which are definitely more expensive than others you can get from the store, but theirs has the ability to attach to the handle. They also have one that can attach to the back. I call it a turtle shell for lack of a better word (actually called a snap on storage).

We have both and I think they are worth it. As a family, we travel a lot and I can pack everything that our daughter needs in the “turtle shell” on the back, then carry a diaper bag and we can take both on the plane, and attach her stuff while connecting to another flight. It’s pretty genius.


There are a few cons that I can see.

First of all, the handle bar can only extend so far. If you are really tall, it might be annoying to bend over to push. So, if you are over 6’2” it might seem small.

Second, it’s not a jogging stroller. I did jog with it once and it wasn’t too bad. I am not very fast, but if you are running miles with your kids, you probably need to invest in a jogging stroller. The wheels are solid which means you don’t need to inflate the wheels, but isn’t the smoothest ride if going on a bumpy sidewalk or rough roads.

Third, dirty wheels. The wheels collapse and you put the whole thing in the car. They don’t touch the car seats but can get the car base dirty. Let’s be honest. When you have kids your car is full of smashed Cheerios and goldfish so a little dirt might not bother you. 

Lastly, no cup holder. The diaper bags do have a side pouch that you can put your water bottle in but at times, I do wish there was a place to put one on the stroller.


We have really enjoyed our Doona and suggest it to parents looking for one! The ease and convenience is worth the few cons I mentioned. If you can time things right, check out the website on Black Friday and get it $100 off!

Cost and where to buy

Stroller  with Base – $550

Diaper bag Accessories – $60-$90

Snap on Storage – $40

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