Boba Wrap – Comfortable but Isn’t as convenient as it looks…

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Boba Wrap – Comfortable but Isn’t as convenient as it looks…

This post is for parents who have just had a baby wondering if the Boba wrap is a good way to go as far as a baby carrier.

Short Answer – It’s not my favorite

I really loved the idea of the Boba wrap… Something old school or ancient with using one piece of fabric to hold your baby in tow close to your body. In this post you will hear our experience so you can decide for yourself.

What is the Boba Wrap?

The Boba Wrap is one solid piece of thicker fabric (a few yards long) that you wrap around your body in certain ways to center carry your infants. The Boba is famous for the thick, breathable stretchy cotton material, and its ability to be a “one size fits all” product for both mom and dad to keep their center of gravity instead of having the baby on the hip leading too hip dysplasia.

Why we tried the Boba Wrap

Boba Wrap

Truth be told, it was given to us. I was super excited and grateful for the gift! It wasn’t difficult to tie with the wrap instructions, but I eventually found it to be somewhat inconvenience. We mainly used it in the newborn stage, and for going on walks until she got to be a heavier baby.

Cons we could see

It took some time to tie because there is SO much fabric. It seemed suffocating (especially cause we live in Texas) and… wasn’t super friendly on the go with how long it is.

I will say, I liked it more when she was a newborn and I wasn’t going out much. The product description says it can hold up to 35 pounds, but after 15 pounds she seemed to be slipping to one side when wrapped.

My other complaint was trying to wrap myself in public. The ends are SO LONG and trying to keep them off the ground was frustrating.

Lastly, I don’t think it ever looked that nice. Now, I know being a mom isn’t a super model contest but, I always felt so frumpy wearing it around.


You might really like the Boba wrap, but it wasn’t my favorite. The amount of fabric felt suffocating and hot. I even tried a different kinds of baby wraps with lightweight material, but didn’t like that either. I felt it an inconvenience putting it on in public, and found I wasn’t’ using it after the new born stage and was gravitating to the Ergo 360. But this is just a personal preference. 

I did like that it was machine washable for any spit up. 

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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