Ultimate List Of Pool Toys For Kids

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Pool Toys For Kids

Ultimate List Of Pool Toys For Kids

It’s summer time and the kids are buzzing all over the house. Time to get them outside! Check out this list of pool toys for kids that will have them playing for hours.

Infant Pool Float

For the super little ones, they don’t do much as far as toys, but they do love the water! These infant pool floats will have those babies soaking up the cool water in no time.

Bobaby Float

Made from a pearl foam membrane, this little contraption will help your little one enjoy the water. With a starting reclined backstroke position, then flip as the kids get older and getting water in their face or mouth isn’t a big deal. Comes with a shade canopy!

Kiddie Pool Float

This is a more collapsable and storage friendly option for those who like to pack light! This float comes with a carrying case and canopy that can all collapse together. Once taken out of the case, there are two inflatable chambers that helps the child stay upright and floating. In-between the two inflatable rings, there is a mesh “moat” there the baby can splash and play in the water.

Baby Float With Canopy

This is a great option if you want something similar (and less expensive) than the Mambobaby, but want something collapsable and easy to store. This is the same shape as the Mambo but is inflatable rather than foam. The only downside is you can’t go on the back, it’s only a forward facing.

Water Toys For Toddlers

At this age, there isn’t much difference between bath toys and pool toys for kids as they are still growing. But here are a few ideas to get them started!

Mini Pool

If you don’t have access to a big pool, no worries, little mini pools for our toddlers work great! They are extremely affordable. However, be aware that you usually have to buy a new one each season due to wear and tare.

Toddler Floaties

Safety always comes first in our family. These toddlers might be more confident in the water and thats why we need a little more protection. Puddle jumpers and water vests are a great options for the big kid pools.

Water Toys

Again, these also count as bath toys but just something for you to play with next to your toddler sitting in the water.

Beach Toys for Toddlers

Beach toys are a must! The sensory benefits for playing with sand, endless options for digging, getting dirty without moms complaining. It’s a toddler paradise. We recommend getting the kit with a mesh bag, that way you have them all together and the sand can fall out on it’s own.

Other Outside Ideas

There are a few “non-pool” related items worth noting like a water table, slip and slide, or splash pad.

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Pool Toys for Kids

In this section, we are getting to the pool toys for kids who can put their faces in the water and swim confidently.

Water Games For Kids

This list could go on and on, but for starters, anything with a ball! Water basketball, water volleyball, water football, really anything!

Next would be some “king of the hill” game of knocking off the other person. These inflatables work great.

Deep Water Games

These section are for those excellent swimmers who want a challenge! Swim through rings and diving toys are a great skill to learn.

Inflatable Toys

Oh boy, what is a day at the pool with out an inflatable? Check out this hamster wheel! Or, you can just get a fun one to lounge in.

Other Ideas

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Remember! Safety First!

It’s really important to get your kids comfortable in the water and swimming. Please remember that you always need to attend children when swimming. It isn’t a bad idea to get CPR certified just so you have that skill. It’s scary but if you are prepared you will know what to do if something happens.

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