Single Dad Statistics

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Single Dad Statistics

Single Dad Statistics

Parenthood is ROUGH no matter which way you slice it, but single parenthood is doing the work of two people and comes with unique challenges. In this post we are going to look at 18 single dad statistics that shouldn’t be over looked.

“As a single parent, I had become tyrannical in order to survive, and anything I couldn’t control caused me enormous anxiety. As a naturally untidy, disorganized man who never made lists or kept receipts, morphing into someone who could take care of a toddler on his own may have caused me to overcompensate a little.”

— Simon Van Booy
Single Dad Statistics

Single Dad Statistics

According to the latest Census data, there are 2,251,000 single-father households.

Single father statistics show, that 20% (2,251,000) of single-parent households are led by fathers. (Realdiapers)

About 3 MILLION children under the age of 18 are living with a Single Dad. (Singleparentproject)

About 62.6% of single fathers are raising 1 child, 27.8% are raising 2 children, 7.4% are raising 3 children, and 2.3% are raising 4 or more children.

The single father ethnicity statistics show the majority of 73% (1,637,000) of single fathers being white, 18% (416,000) black, 3% (71,000) Asian, and 6% (128,000) of other races and combinations.

Single mothers are more than twice as likely to live below the poverty level than single fathers.(Realdiapers)

Single Dad Statistics

Single Dad Education And Income Statistics

About 26% of Single Dads have not completed high school and 17% have some college.(Singleparentproject)

The average single-father income is $84,466, which is 54.5% lower than the average married-couple income of $147,704. The wage gap between single mothers and single fathers is real and notable. Single moms making 35% lower.

74.3% of single fathers are employed full-time, 16.5% part-time, and 9.2% are unemployed.

22% of single-father families receive food stamps and 2% public assistance.(Realdiapers)

Single Dad Marriage And Living Statistics

Nearly 52% of Single Dads are either separated, divorced, widowed or never married.(Singleparentproject)

The stigma behind the law is that children should be with their mothers.

The single-father household statistics show that 31% of single fathers are living with their own parents.

The single fatherhood statistics show that 41.1% of single fathers are never married, 37.8% are divorced, 16.8% are separated, and 4.3% are widowed.(Realdiapers)

Other Single Dad Statistics

One proven statistic about single fathers states that a single father tends to use more positive parenting techniques than a married father. (Wikipedia)

Naperville IL is the best city for single fathers.

Washington, DC has the lowest percentage of single-dad households at 1.4% (Stacker, 2021)

Alaska holds the record of the sate with the highest percentage of single-dad homes. (Stacker, 2021) (Lawnstarter)

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